Space Req.
250 – 500 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 10Lakhs – 15Lakhs
Franchise Outlets
50 – 100

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English is a global language and also the second official language of India. India being a diverse country with many languages, speaking English has become mandatory to bridge the gap for employability and business.

English language training has become a necessity especially for job seekers and empower the younger generation to compete globally. Every industry in India is now associated with global clientele, which has led to the need for good communication skills particularly English language. English language proficiency increases the prospectus of employment immensely.

Winglish Spoken English labs is an initiative to make every job seeker, every kid proficient in the language to improve self confidence and self esteem. Our English labs are based on individualized learning ability. Every candidate will undergo an assessment and be recommended accordingly.


  1. Interactive sessions
  2. Audio and visual sessions
  3. Caters to all age groups
  4. Basic grammar for beginners
  5. Speaking exercises
  6. Reading comprehension


The English language training market In India will grow at a CAGR of close to 19% during the forecast period of 2017-2021


Our vision is to become a pioneer in English language training centers based on an excellent curriculum design, professional teaching and personality development enhancement.


Our Mission is to empower every student with English language for academics, employability and professional pursuits.


  • We assist you to buy all important Equipment
  • We provide you with the spoken English curriculum, audio and visual files and everyday lesson plan
  • Assist you to obtain all necessary (GST/DL/FSSAI (trade)/ISO) license numbers.
  • Franchise authorization certificate (Framed)
  • Franchisee performance-based Achievement Award
  • We help in recruiting and continuous professional training to the language trainers
  • We provide an centre management software.
  • We provide logo printed t-shirts for the trainers
  • Curriculum continuous support to franchisee and the trainers
  • We equip you with latest sales promotional tools and marketing strategies.
  • Guide to compile sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet by a chartered accountant.
  • Value added cosmetic and ayurvedic products will be provided from Ethix Industries (own manufacturing factories)
  • Soft copy of advertising content to promote the business in local electronic media and print media/banner/stands/stickers/(No Parking) board.
  • We give advertisements in national magazines and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.,).
  • Soft copy of name board with your local address.

1. Because same kind of other franchise charge above 2 lakhs as a fee. But here it is only Rs. 1,50,000

2. Billing software and mobile app, alone may surely cost more than this fee amount.

3. Above all you are getting a nationwide well-known brand, which is having centralized professional operating system


1. Inventory and centre management software for appointments and billing

2. Mobile App to enhance customer services

3. Softcopy of name board, customer information sheets, me to me schemes / discounts banner

4. Winglish Monopoly franchise marketing rights to use the brand name at your locality (we won’t provide another Winglish franchise centre within 3 kms from your location)

5. Competent Staff (English trainers, Accountant etc..).

Min Area Required – 500 SQ FT

Complete expert advice and training from the Head Office will be offered to the franchise from the date of signing.

1. Franchise fee is one-time investment (Tenure-5 years) which is non-refundable and attracts no interest rates.

2. Royalty fee is 1350/- per month

3. Franchise agreement will be renewed once in 5 years and the Renewal fee is just Rs.3500

4. All equipment and other promotional materials will be sent in to-pay basis by cargo/transport/courier.