Step by Step Start Up

  • The First Step would be to find a suitable premises [vacant shop] for your selected business, particularly where a “high Street”, more number of Footfall [walk in customers]. In this step, our I.T. Staff would help you as well as it would be sensible idea to engage the services of a Brokers who will search it easily. Once the Premises has been identified, send the pictures to 98570 55555 [whatsapp] for further updates, suggestion and confirmation then go for rental agreement.
  • The Second Step is to fill up the franchisee application and then make an agreement with franchisor and send all the copies of the documents (Eg. Franchisee Agreement, Rental agreement, Residential Proof, Aadhaar, PAN, 3 Passport Size Photos, etc…) to Ethix, 111, Whites House, 1st Avenue, 1st Main Road, AnnaNagar, Chennai 600102, and also email the scan copies to
  • The Third Step is applying the necessary licenses with the complete support and guidance of the franchisor and then furnishing according to the investment planned.
  • The Fourth Step is Interview/shortlist/appoint/Training all the staff with the support of the franchisor and installing the office equipment / billing software / mobile app /interiors.
  • The Fifth Step is arranging the goods / stocks / consumables ready to sell / serve and then the inauguration of the centre / shop to be done in an informative way with the guidance of the franchisor.


Franchising is a business relationship in which the franchisor assigns to independent people the right to market and distribute the franchisor’s goods or service, and to use the business name for a fixed period of time.

Franchising is used to describe a number of business models, the most commonly identified of which is “Business format franchising”.

There are other franchise models which are also dependent on franchisor relationships. These includes:

1. Manufacturer – Retailer- The retailer as franchisee sells the franchisor’s products directly to the public.
2. Manufacturer – Wholesaler- Where the franchisee under license manufacturers and distributes the franchisor’s product
3. Wholesaler – Retailer – The retailer as franchisee purchases products for retail sale from a franchisor wholesaler.
4. Retailer – Retailer – Where the franchisor markets a service, or a product, under a common name and standardization system, through a network of franchisees. This is the classic business format franchise.

The “Commercial Marriage” between franchisor and franchisee is ultimately a legal relationships, with the full obligations and responsibilities of both parties outlined in a highly detailed franchise agreement. This commercial contract varies in length and conditions from one system to the next, such that it would be almost impossible for any two franchise systems to have identical agreements.

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