Operational Support

  • Equipment for the store/center according to the investment planned and mutually agreed will be procured for the franchise.
  • Software and IT support for the inventory/services/billing.
  • Training the franchisee and the staff to operate and run the store/center efficiently.
  • Support for staff recruitment and train them in the relevant job responsibility.
  • Training can take place online or at the corporate headquarters with periodic seminars as well.


  • Franchisor initiates the advertising efforts on national and local level or both. These initiatives can be in the form of TV, Radio commercials, direct mail campaigns and public and media relations efforts.
  • Franchisee has to pay the funds required for the local advertising, softcopy of the print materials will be provided by the franchisor.

Inventory Support

  • Inventory replenishment support will be provided.
  • Inventory update in the software as and when needed will be provided from the franchisor end.
  • Stock procurement and delivery with the best of discounts to the franchisee.

Other Support

  • Franchisor guidance will be there as an ongoing process in order to have value added services.
  • Complete support in getting the necessary license for the store/center with the concerned authorities.
  • Audit support on request will be provided to the franchise.