Space Req.
250 – 500 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 10Lakhs – 15Lakhs
Franchise Outlets
50 – 100

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Ethix Industries Inc. a group of companies was started with a noble cause of bringing top quality products at an affordable price. We are one of the leading and eminent pharmaceutical manufacturers in India for over 2 decades having its own WHO-GMP compliance factories. Ethix is equipped with a broad range of medicines in various formulations like tablets, capsules, oral dry syrup and injectables. Ethix Industries Inc. has a dedicated quality assurance department, to keep track of each activity, parameters and processes to achieve the quality goal in totality.

Ethix Industries Inc. offers exclusive PCD franchise for all its divisions through Pharmazone* for it’s pharmaceutical, ayurvedic and cosmetic products.

Propaganda Cum Distribution of our 4 divisions namely
(Acurez, Jerist, Medimatrix, Ayurzone)

Through Pharmazone* we work to contribute safe and effective pharmaceutical therapies to improve the quality of life of the community and the Nation we serve. Pharmazone* understands the global pharma market and


CAGR of Indian Pharma industry is 17.6%, it is expected to be worth 55 billion USD by 2020.


Our Vision is to see ourselves as a paramount in healthcare product manufacturing and marketing across the globe.


Our Mission is to contribute towards the better healthcare of the community with top quality products in an affordable price and also maximize the value for our customers with excellence in technology, based on world class research and development.


  1. Marketing Monopoly rights for your assigned area for the allotted division (Acurez)
  2. Sales promotional material with a kit containing MR bag, Glossary, Visual aid, brand cards and posters, physician samples and compliments.
  3. Accessible transportation arranged and sent on to-pay basis.


You will be provided “monopoly marketing rights” for your assigned area for the allotted division.

No entry fee / No registration fee / No deposit money is required to become our Franchisee.


Will be provided at Rupees 5,000 a kit containing the following thing:

  1. Glossary, 2 wall clocks, 10 wall Calendars, 4 Product’s leave behinds (10 nos. x 4), 100 Visiting Cards.
  2. 1 M R bag, 1 Visual aid, Specialty wise brands reminder card, 2 Brands posters.
  3. 10 Key Chains, 10 Table Calendars, 5 Brand’s Physician sample (20 nos x 5).


Your nearby / preferred transport will be chosen to send goods.
Transportation / courier / cargo charges will be borne by Franchisee {goods will be sent on TO-PAY basis}

1. Because same kind of other franchise charge above 2 lakhs as a fee. But here it is only Rs.1,50,000

2. Billing software and mobile app, alone may surely cost more than this fee amount.

3. Above all you are getting a nationwide well-known brand, which is having centralized professional operating system


1. Inventory and billing management software

2. Mobile App to enhance customer services

3. Softcopy of name board, customer information sheets, me to me schemes / discounts banner

4. Phrarmazone Monopoly franchise marketing rights to use the brand name at your locality (we won’t provide another Pharmazone franchise outlet within 3 kms from your location)

5. Competent Staff (Sales person, accountant etc…)

Min Area Required – 250 SQ FT

Complete expert advice and training from the Head Office will be offered to the franchise from the date of signing.

We will guide you with the recruitment and training for the Doctors, Therapist and administrative staff.

1. Royalty fee is 1% on gross sales value

2. Franchise agreement will be renewed once in 5 years & Renewal fee Rs.3500

3. All promotional materials will be sent on to-pay basis by cargo / transport / courier

4. Franchise fee is one time investment (Tenure-5 years) which is non-refundable and attracts no interest rates