Space Req.

250 Sq.ft

Investment Range

Rs. 3 Lakhs – 6 Lakhs

Organic food Franchise Outlets

0 – 35

Apply Instantly


Organic products and organic food franchise usage have increased popularity among the people of all classes. organikzone is an organic food franchise a healthy lead to incorporate wellness in a safer way to the community and the upcoming generations. Buy low price, chemical-free organic foods for a healthy lifestyle. organikzone the organic food franchise never compromises or negates the purity and safety of all our organic food products to ensure a good, peaceful, and healthy life. 

     Nowadays, eating organic has become one of the most significant ways of being healthy. An organic food store is a good choice for people looking forward to high-quality organic food products at a reasonable cost. All our organic food products undergo quality, quantity, and potency tests before they reach consumers. The health benefits of organic food contain fewer pesticides and heavy elements, more healthy fats, and probably more antioxidants. Invest in an organic food franchise and start-up with a high level of confidence.

     Organic food store delivers genuine organic products for a healthy and conscious living. Enhancing healthy lives and promoting the well-being of all generations is necessary for sustainable development. Organic is quite natural and is based on a philosophy that admires nature and its dynamism to satisfy all the necessities of present and future generations. In this fast-paced environment, eating right is a challenge, there are infinite choices but usually compromised on nutrition and quality. Make a move to our organic foods towards a healthier lifestyle which leads to a stronger community. 

     organikzone provides a wide range of products are Indian snacks, biscuits, and cookies, healthy and organic confectioneries for kids, personal care products, and organic grocery products. organikzone includes ayurvedic and herbal products with a premium blend of medicinal science with nature and health. Our organic products are made from natural ingredients and often fresher because it doesn’t contain chemicals that make them last longer. 

     All our organic products are rich in high-quality and top-class packaging. Your body has high potential to naturally and securely heal itself and our product range is prepared to harness this potential to bring the body back to an optimum state of balance and harmony. One approach to enhance the health of the community is making our children healthy by giving organic and natural food and confectioneries are used to increase our kid’s health. We offer vast varieties of organically produced, herbal and natural products, at low costs. You will get almost all the products which you are looking for. 

     Our organikzone like an organic food store franchise manufactures all the products carefully and safely and healthily, having our CGMP certified manufacturing units in Himachal. We manufacture, market and distribute all our products across the nation through franchising business. All our organic food products undergo quality, quantity, and potency tests before they reach consumers. 

     An organic food store is a good choice for people looking ahead to high-quality organic food products at inexpensive costs. If your objective is to act independently as a proprietor and have a great determination to succeed, and organic store affords an excellent opportunity to reach your aim in our Organic food franchiseorganikzone allows you to start an organic food franchise noble startup with high levels of profit sharing. We offer retail and distributor franchise aiding you to begin an organikzone store within your financial comfort ability.


  1. Indian snacks
  2. Bicuits and cookies
  3. Healthy and organic confectioneries for kids
  4. Personal care products
  5. Wellness products (Ayurvedic and natural)
  6. Organic grocery products


According to a report it is estimated that the current organic food market is about Rs. 3,350 crore, whereas it was about Rs. 2,400 crore in 2014. Indian organic food market is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR of around 25%  during 2015-2020.


Our Vision is to meet the requirement of topmost quality organic and
natural products in our organic food franchise to the community with affordability as the priority.


Our Mission is to ensure high profit  (ROI) for all our organic store franchise partners and adding a strong foundation of trust in each step at organikzone, which triggers our franchise to deliver their best and this trust reveals on each client’s grin at organikzone.


  • We offer retail, wholesale and distribution franchise opportunity.
  • You receive all the essential stock of our organic products from our factory in a 60% discount on its MRP.
  • Assist you to obtain all necessary (FSSAI/GST/ISO) license numbers.
  • Franchise Authorization Certificate (Framed)
  • Franchise (performance-based) Achievement Award
  • We provide organikzone billing software
  • Inventory management through our billing software.
  • We equip you with latest sales promotional tools and marketing strategies.
  • Guide to compile sales tax/ income tax/audited balance sheets by a chartered accountant.
  • Soft copy of advertising content to support the business in local electronic media and print media/banner/stands/stickers/ (No Parking) board.
  • We give ads in national magazines and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.,)
  • Soft copy of the name board with your address.
  • All additional stock will be provided in the net price.


  1. What is OrganikZone?

              organikzone is a chain of organic store with products like Indian snacks, biscuits, cookies,      organic    confectionaries for kids, wellness products, and organic grocery products.

  1. Why OrganikZone?

               It promotes the business through all Online Ads, Offline Ads, Value Added Services, etc. on    National Platform Maintaining a Uniform Standard which gives you the best company reputation.

  1. Do you provide training? Who pays for it?

               We provide the specific training at our Chennai office and the food and accommodation for you/staff will be borne by franchisee. We won’t charge any training fee.

  1. How do I get in organic food franchise OrganikZone?

               organikzone requires 3 documents to be submitted which is Franchise Application with 3 photos, Rental Agreement/Tax Receipt (If it’s own building), Identity/Address Proof

  1. Eligibility criteria to become an organic food franchise?

              To be an investor and willingness to have an organic food franchise.

  1. What specialty does OrganikZone own while compared to its Competitor?

               Other Competitors don’t have own manufacturing factories.

1. Because same kind of other franchise charge above 2 lakhs as a fee. But here it is only Rs.1,50,000

2. Billing software and mobile app, alone may surely cost more than this fee amount.

3. Above all you are getting a nationwide well-known brand, which is having centralized professional operating system


1. Inventory and billing management software

2. Mobile App to enhance customer services

3. Softcopy of name board, customer information sheets, me to me schemes / discounts banner

4. Organikzone Monopoly franchise marketing rights to use the brand name at your locality (we won’t provide another Organikzone franchise outlet within 3 kms from your location)

5. Competent Staff (Sales person, accountant etc…)


Min Area Required – 250 SQ FT


Complete expert advice and training from the Head Office will be offered to the franchise from the date of signing.


  1. The Royalty fee is 1% on gross sales value
  2. The Organic food franchise agreement will be renewed once in every 5 years & Renewal payment is Rs.3500
  3. All promotional materials will be shipped on to-pay basis by cargo/transport/courier
  4. Organic store franchisefee is the one-time investment (Tenure-5 years) which is non-refundable and attracts no interest rates