Space Req.

130 Sq.ft

 Investment Range

Rs. 3Lakhs – 6Lakhs

Medical store Franchise Outlets    100 – 200

Apply Instantly


Medzone is India’s most granted medical store franchise, an integral part of Ethix Health Care, a conglomerate firm serving the medical fraternity for over 2 decades, driven by highly trained and well experienced passionate pharmaceutical specialists. Medzone pharmacy is the perfect destination for over 10 lakh customers daily. Grab the chance to be part of the fastest growing and most recognized brand in the pharmacyspace.Medzone pharma is designed to help you to start your pharmacy quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Today, Medzone is one of India’s best pharmacy chains throughout India serving infinite buyers daily. Our shop is located just a few footsteps from our consumers’ residences and offer a wide range of prescription medicines and general FMCG goods. Medzone offers on-time home delivery in many locations. Medzone believes in value pricing and handling buyers honestly. It offers numerous discounts on all medicines and general FMCG products to all clients. The Brand lasts for Top Quality and High Margin. You will get almost all the medicine-related products, which you are looking for. Our Medzone franchise manufactures all the products carefully and safely and healthily, having our CGMP certified 3 manufacturing units. We manufacture, market and distribute all our products across the nation through franchising business. All our products undergo quality, quantity, and potency tests before they reach customers. We process all our pharmaceutical products using first-class chemical compounds and advanced processing techniques in medical enterprises. Medzone Pharmacy provides Ethix pharmaceutical products at affordable rates. 

If your objective is to work independently as an owner and have a great determination to succeed, the Medzone pharma pcd affords an excellent opportunity to reach your aim in our pharmaceutical franchise. The best pharma franchise company requires your sincere hard work to implement our business strategies. Medzone pharmacy Franchise Company is the perfect one-stop solution for the consumers for their regular medical needs, across India. Grab the chance to be part of the fastest growing and most recognized brand in the pharmacy space. Medzone medical store franchise business model assist you with monopoly right, equity ownership, autonomy, management of your own business, and long-lasting relationship with your consumers, which determines the base for a profitable pcd pharma franchise service industry in your preferred location.


Indian Pharmaceutical market increased at a CAGR of 17.46% in 2015 from US $ 6 billion and is expected to touch US $ 55 billion by 2020.


Our vision is to provide Top Quality Medicines at an affordable MRP.


Our mission is to ensure high profit (ROI) for all our medical store franchise partners and adding a strong foundation of trust in each step at Medzone*,  which triggers our franchise to deliver their best and this trust reveals on each client’s grin at Medzone*.



  • All basic stock from our factories with a 65% discount on its MRP.
  • We provide MedZone billing software with mobile application
  • We assist to buy all the Important Equipment
  • We help to obtain all necessary (GST/DL/FSSAI (trade)/ISO) license numbers.
  • Franchise Authorization (framed) Certificate
  • Franchise (performance-based) Achievement Award
  • We help in recruiting and continuous professional training to the staff.
  • Inventory management through our billing software.
  • We equip you with latest sales promotional tools and marketing strategies.
  • Guide to compile sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet by a chartered accountant.
  • Value-added FMCG products like food supplements, Ayurvedic products will be provided from Ethix
  • Compliments for doctors for advertising (prescription pads for the near-by doctors), our brands.
  • Soft copy of advertising content to support the business in local electronic media (Cable TV) and print media/banner/stands/stickers/ (No – Parking) Board.
  • We give advertisements in national magazines and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc).
  • We provide logo printed t-shirts for the teams to conduct campaign sales
  • We provide containers and brand labels to hold medicines alphabetically
  • Soft copy of the name board with your local address.


1.What is the MedZone pharmacy franchise?

               Medzone is a chain of medical store franchise


2.Why MedZone Medical franchise?

                    It promotes the business through all Online Ads, Offline Ads, Value Added Services, etc. on National Platform Maintaining a Uniform Standard which gives you the best company reputation.


3. Eligibility criteria to become a pharma franchise?

                To be an investor and willingness to have a pharma franchise.


4. How do I get in pcd pharma franchise MedZone?

                        Medzone requires 3 documents to be submitted which is Franchise application with 3 photos, Rental Agreement/Tax Receipt (If it’s own building), Identity/Address Proof


5. How MedZone will have more customers compared to other local medical stores? 


            Regular phone reminders to BP/diabetic customers [for 30 days medicines] to make them a regular client, door delivery with the best discount for regular medicines through novel BPO/call center support to enhance customer service.


6.  What specialty does MedZone own while compared to its Competitor?


Other Competitors don’t have own manufacturing factories.


Stage – 1 : Medical Franchise agreement fee: 1,50,000 for the monopoly rights

Stage – 2 : Shop advance, essential equipments, interiors & licensing

Stage – 3 : Purchase of consumables & promotional activity expenses


Min Area Required – 130 SQ FT


Complete expert advice and training from the Head Office will be offered to the medical shop franchise from the date of signing.

We will guide you with the recruitment and training for the Pharmacist and countersales


  • Royalty fe is Rs. 350 only
  • Franchise agreement will be renewed once in 5 years & Renewal fee Rs.3500
  • All promotional materials will be sent on to-pay basis by cargo / transport / courier
  • Franchise fee is one time investment (Tenure-5 years) which is non-refundable and attracts no interest rates