Space Req.
600 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 3Lakhs – 6Lakhs
Baby product Franchise Outlets
50 – 100

Apply Instantly


Embrace your newborn child with lots of joy and celebrations. In the initial days, you should take care of the young baby with lots of care and comfort. Every parent wants the best for their baby and Ethix’s Babyzone is the perfect destination to get them ready as the newborn arrives. We know that baby shopping is one of the stressful work for the new parents, so we gave baby store franchise opportunities. We have come up with a complete range of baby products for each stage of a baby’s growth, from feeding and diapering to bathing and exploring. Commence the day with feeding essentials such as natural baby food or formula for newborns; get ready for perfect bath time with the appropriate bathing products, hair products, and bathtub for your kid’s size; prepare for a day of errands with the best diaper bag, car seat journey combos, and strollers; or explore our selection of cribs, bassinets, and beds for a great night’s sleep. Have your baby close with a sling, let them go in a bouncer, or stimulate their curiosity wherever with a pack ‘n play Playard.

Our baby retail store franchise is the necessity of the time for the new parents, where they can see almost all the items that are safe and affordable for their children. Babyzone, designed for parents and suit for all babies and kids. All our products are harmless and kids friendly and also available at a reasonable cost. Babyzone makes mum’s life easier. We carefully manufacture all our baby products that undergo proper quality tests to make sure of their safety. We are dedicated to offering the best and quality products for our customers. 

If you’re looking for the baby products while you want to take care of your little kid, you are in the right spot. No matter what you require for your child’s stage, you’re possibly to get it here. We forever surpass customer expectations by aiding them with our premium customer service.

Baby products franchise called a Babyzone; it works with highly dedicated moms who have the ability to and passion to work towards choosing and assorting products for the newborns. Our baby products franchise environments are the perfect inspiration in helping build the modern nursery of your dreams. As a specialist in baby products, you have the chance to manage your home-based enterprise in a way that suits you best. Set your programs and work around extracurricular activities for your children. You can allocate your time on things that will give you the best performance. When you wish to be part of the Babyzone franchise team, you will act with a group of motivated people to assist you to start your home-based enterprise and pursue your business career.



In 2015, ResearchMoz prepared a market report about the Indian Baby care market. According to the statistics collected by the research team, the baby care market in India will progressively grow at a 17% CAGR within the time frame from 2014-2019.

Be Empowered! :

Have you ever dreamed of having your own business? We are very pleased to present two new home business opportunities in our “Babyzone” its baby retail shopping franchise.

Have Success! :

Regardless of babyzone’s “Baby Zone” business model, your ambition and individual efforts will determine your success! Are you your own boss. Set your personal goals and objectives and watch your business grow! Full time or part time?

Be Successful! :

Baby zone baby store franchise opportunities experts believe in the company’s vision of delivering value, superior product selection and expert knowledge, and enjoy the flexibility of a business fit for their lives.

As an expert in baby products, you have the opportunity to manage your home-based business in the way that suits you best. Set your own schedules and work around extracurricular activities for your children. You can spend your time around things that will give you the best performance.

When you choose to be part of the Baby Zone franchise team, you will work with a group of motivated people to help you start your home-based business and pursue your business career.

Be Yourself! :

If you enjoy working with people, meeting expectant moms, new parents and grandparents, and are passionate about offering great products with exceptional customer service, you can be our next product expert for babies! We are recruiting sales representatives and opening home-based stores in South India.


Our vision is to provide a high-profit business opportunity to all our baby products franchise partners to offer satisfactory entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to make the shopping experience delightful for the new and expectant mothers with our retail store franchise.



  • We help to procure all the essential equipment for the shop
  • Support you to obtain all the necessary license numbers.
  • Franchise Authorization Certificate
  • Franchise (performance-based) Achievement Award
  • Help in hiring and training the staff
  • We offer logo printed t-shirts for the teams
  • We provide Babyzone billing software.
  • Inventory management through our billing software.
  • We furnish you with all the latest sales promotional tools and marketing strategies
  • Guide to compile sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet by a chartered accountant.
  • You get all basic stock (Nursing, Clothing, Toys, Health, and Safety) from our facility in a 65% discount on its MRP.
  • Soft copy of advertising content to support the business in local electronic media (Cable TV) and print media/banner/stands/stickers/ (No Parking) Board.
  • We proffer ads in national magazines and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.,)
  • Soft copy of the name board with your local address and design for interior decoration.
  • Special baby care products, attire, and toys at an exclusive rate.


  1. What is the BabyZone franchise?

              Babyzone is a chain of retail store exclusively for baby products and fashion.

  1. Why BabyZone products franchise?

              It promotes the business through all Online Ads, Offline Ads, Value Added Services, etc. on National Platform Maintaining a Uniform Standard which gives you the best company reputation.

  1. Eligibility criteria to become a baby product franchise?

              To be an investor and willingness to have a baby retail store franchise.

  1. How do I get in baby store franchise BabyZone?

              Babyzone requires 3 documents to be submitted which is Franchise application with 3 photos, Rental Agreement/Tax Receipt (If it’s own building), Identity/Address Proof

  1. What specialty does BabyZone own while compared to its Competitor?

               Other Competitors don’t have own manufacturing factories.


Stage – 1 : Baby products franchise agreement fee: 83000 for the monopoly rights

Stage – 2 : Shop advance, essential equipments, interiors & licensing

Stage – 3 : Purchase of consumables & promotional activity expenses


Min Area Required – 600 SQ FT


Complete expert advice and training from the Head Office will be offered to the franchise from the date of signing.


  1. The royalty fee is 1% on gross sales value.
  2. The baby store franchise agreement will be renewed once in every 5 years & renewal payment is Rs.3500.
  3. All promotional materials will be sent on to-pay basis by cargo/transport/courier.
  4. Baby products franchisefee is the one-time investment (Tenure-5 years) which is non-refundable and attracts no interest rates.